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Dear visitos,

     Our beauty center godmother, head of SPA Beauty Center, constantly improving her knowledge, always looks over for new beauty products and she is preparing a new package of beauty treatments!
       In the upcoming weeks we will invite you to checkover our new pakcages and treatments.


  Dear Guests, we care about you, your health and wealth and offer to relax in our health and SPA center. Health is the biggest treasure, so everyone deserves best relaxation for body and soul. Daily activities in saunas and pool area will release your muscles, ease your thoughts and take you away from daily routine. Every morning will start with energy and new ideas.

We send you warmest wishes!

Alanga Hotel  & SPA Beauty center  Team

Our spa center specialists will advise and take care of your beauty and health. You will choose from complex procedures,  beauty procedures, various packages, unique program just for you.

  • Facial treatments

  • Body care treatments

  • Complex procedures packages

  • SPA beauty Neoqi capsule

  • Beauty rituals


The facials include: cleansing, exfoliation, mask or cream.

RADIANCE                                                     45 min / 25 € .

NOURISHING                                                45 min / 25 € 

JADE STONE                                                 15 min / 15€

              + face mask 30 min / 10 €

Jade stone face procedure is one of the most assess ancient Chinese elite procedures used to preserve youth and beauty.

A 10% discount is applied when ordering the facial + SPA capsule therapy.




Full body                                                             60 min / 39 € Back                                                                    30 min / 19 € Legs                                                                    30 min / 19 € Head and shoulder                                            30 min / 15 €


Essential oils                                                      60 min / 45 €


Arms & Belly                                                   30 min / 14 €

Legs & Belly                                                    30 min / 18 €

Full body                                                          30 min / 25 €


Treatments are carried out in the SPA capsule NeoQi Mediq, no water supplied *


COFFEE BREAK                                             60 min / 42€ Coffee-and-almond peeling and Fucus oil stimulate cell regeneration, increase skin elasticity, nourish and moisturize the skin. The therapy will make your skin silkier and smoother.


Treatments are carried out in the SPA capsule NeoQi Mediq, no water supplied *


MARINE FRESH                                              60 min / 42 € Fucus peeling and shaping cryogel are applied. The therapy will make you feel fresh chill, lightness, and your skin will get smooth and silky again. The therapy is especially recommended for revitalizing stressed and tired skin, reducing muscle tension, and enhancing the muscle tone



Treatments are carried out in the SPA capsule NeoQi Mediq with water supplied *

JUVENILITY                                                   60 min / 42€ 

Complex body care and relaxation therapy using bath crystals – for the good of your soul and body.


 CREAM-AND-SEAWEED BATH                    60 min / 42 €

For muscle relaxation, restoration of strength and well-being, balance recovering, moisturisation and enriching of skin with minerals, and speeding up of metabolism.

MINERALISATION                                           60 min / 42 € Seaweed relaxes muscle, improves blood circulation, and brings peace to your mind.

*without water



DIRTY DANCES                                            80 min / 49 € This treatment is unique and perfect for restoration of vitality, tone, and fresh radiance of skin. Involves coffee-and-almond scrub, marine mud, Fucus algae mask, and other active ingredients.

MERMAID’S GLAMOUR                                 80 min / 49 € Natural Laminaria leaves and Fucus algae stimulate metabolism. Active agents help in restoring, slimming, and improving blood circulation


SEA TREASURES                                          80 min / 49 € Active substances of brown seaweeds rapidly release and diffuse into the epidermis. It is one of the most effective treatments designated for cellulite reduction, weight loss, and skin tone enhancement.

RICHES OF THE DEPTHS                             80 min / 49 €

This gentle and relaxing treatment involves natural marine mud, which helps to detoxify your body, nourishes and softens the skin, stimulates cell renewal. Feel better, fresher and live again!



Treatment contraindications: intoxicated persons, children under 12 years of age, pregnant women, iodine allergy, pacemakers, cardiovascular diseases or acute illness, earlier than 3 months after surgery, diabetes, epilepsy. More information to be provided by our specialists.

To order the desired spa treatment, please contact the front desk directly or call 8-46049215.

Advance reservation is required 

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